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What Makes Us Different?

At DAE, we are often asked how we are different than our competition.  This is one of the most common questions asked of any company, and it’s a question we take very seriously.  With thousands of professional services firms supporting the federal government, why DAE?

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    We cloud, it’s what we do

To truly know how to thrive in a cloud environment (or how to enable customers to thrive), becoming an expert in a technology like AWS is not a part-time job. Rather, it requires organizational focus, dedication and commitment to the practice, and a cadre of eager engineers, developers, architects, and managers who want to bring bleeding-edge solutions to their customers. We have earned an Advanced Tier status with AWS, have completed countless migration, architecture, optimization, security, management, and development cloud projects, and have accumulated tens of thousands of hours of hands-on cloud experience, with most of our staff possessing cloud certifications.


  1. We know how to cloud in private, air-gapped AWS Regions

Air-gapped AWS regions, while nearly identical to commercial AWS regions, have nuances that make running applications and systems within them challenging without the right expertise.  Our staff has been operating in one of the biggest private, air-gapped regions since its inception, and fundamentally understands how it was built from the ground up.  Combining our knowledge of AWS with the experience of building systems within these air-gapped regions creates an extremely niche skill set.

  1. We have assisted numerous commercial software vendors (both ISVs and SaaS) and Government customers  with configuring their products or systems to thrive in private, air-gapped regions

We’ve built our entire company and core offerings around helping our customers succeed in air-gapped/private regions. We understand the challenges of launching commercial or GOTS products into these environments and have developed tools, techniques, and deep domain knowledge around helping customers configure and launch their products within air-gapped regions.  Our customer base ranges from some of the largest technology companies in the world to small startups looking to get into private regions.

  1. We have developed an AWS air-gapped emulation and testing platform, SHIFT, to help our partners thrive in private cloud regions

SHIFT is a technical feat and is a byproduct of DAE’s most senior cloud practitioners. We have taken the collective knowledge of our company which includes tens of thousands of hours operating within air-gapped regions, insights and feedback from AWS, and challenges experienced by our ISV and SaaS technology partners to develop the SHIFT platform.  SHIFT fully emulates AWS air-gapped regions and provides actionable remediation steps to ensure products or systems work as designed in the specified region. SHIFT positions our technology partners, Government agencies, and systems integrators for success.  We are extremely excited about the impact SHIFT is going to have on the entire cloud community and can’t wait to share it with our customers.

So, Why DAE? Because again – We cloud, it’s what we do.  We have the people, the products, the experience, and the cloud expertise to enable our customers for success.  We genuinely believe that we have differentiated ourselves within the federal market space and have become the “go-to” cloud company, especially when it comes to operating and thriving in air-gapped regions.

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