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The CDK Cometh…and It’s Here

AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) has just hit general availability, and it’s trying to dethrone terraform. CDK is AWS’ response to the limitation and criticism levied against cloud formation – namely quality of life features (like for-loops, if statements, organization into modules, etc..) and more advanced features like object-oriented design and high-level abstractions. Ultimately it is to early to know if CDK will sway people away from terraform, but it is a dam good start.

CloudFormation Development toolkit takes Typescript, Python, or JavaScript code and transforms it into a CloudFormation (CFN) template which it then deploys. A developer without ever knowing how to write a CFN template could pop open VS Code, import CDK and it Construct and starts declaring what they want in minutes. This is a big deal, unlike terraform and CFN where you must learn a new language to use – CDK says – Hey you know typescript awesome now deploy an entire infrastructure.

For example, to create an EC2 the following typescript can be used:

Time will tell if CDK will be amazing but things are looking hopeful and I for one will be watching.

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