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Private regions or isolated regions are AWS regions dedicated to a specific customer or even country. 
They are typically air-gapped, meaning they are not connected to the internet, and operates at a high security level.

The region has a different naming convention and has a few key differentiations like:

  • Different AWS endpoints,
  • A subset of commercial AWS services,
  • Different availability zone formats.

Each “unique” aspects of a private region can cause a commercially available product to fail when it is launched in that region. SHIFT is designed to test for virtually ALL unique aspects of AWS air-gapped or private regions.

SHIFT takes a dramatically different approach than other “emulators” on the market. It utilizes proprietary, patent pending software running on commercial AWS to virtually “mirror” any private region. Once a SHIFT subscription is purchased, SHIFT experts will help you connect your current AWS environment to the SHIFT environment to conduct testing and evaluation services of your product/stack.  Connecting your AWS environment to SHIFT is very simple and takes about 5 minutes. Once connected, you will be able to test your product’s behavior in a simulated private region, that provides the necessary tools to identify issues and customize your product to thrive.

Any Independent Software Vendors (ISV), SaaS provider, COTS product vendor, Government application development organization, or systems integrator whose goal is to provide commercially developed products in air-gapped regions. Additionally, any team that is looking to architect and develop an application destined for a private and/or air-gapped region in commercial AWS.

SHIFT solves the challenge of shifting systems and applications that are built commercially to AWS private regions. This includes solving the final mile (or the “impossible mile”) problem which no other product out there today can do.  Specifically, SHIFT will test and confirm whether a commercially developed product or system will adequately perform in a private region prior to landing in that environment. If a product/system fails in SHIFT, error messages will help identify issues to revise for faster debugging. SHIFT also helps before the “final mile” by allowing engineers to develop and see in real time if code will work in the private and/or air-gapped regions.

SHIFT also solves the commercial support problem of products or systems operating in these isolated regions. Specifically, commercial resources resources often do not have access to these private environments and cannot replicate or troubleshoot problems in their commercial environments.  By using SHIFT, support teams are able to stand up a “replica” of their product that are running in these isolated regions and thus are able to reproduce problems.

SHIFT also solves resourcing problems by enabling teams who are building products for these isolated regions to leverage commercial resources in their development.  Teams can write their code exactly how they would if operating in these isolated regions using the SHIFT platform.

Absolutely. We have a cadre of Subject Matter Experts who are specialized in these air-gapped regions and are available to help establish your SHIFT environment and conduct testing services. Consulting services can be purchased to assist in a wide-range of services.

  • Using SHIFT allows uncleared developers to adequately configure a product low-side without the need of fully cleared developers. This saves time, money, and reduces the need for highly skilled/specialized resources
  • For support, the alternative really isn’t possible; software services typically don’t get a cadre of support engineers; SHIFT provides a lower cost alternative, saving time and money

SHIFT is sold via subscriptions per project, with monthly or annual options available. Enterprise subscriptions are available upon request. Contact for more information.

For Government: We will increase your speed to mission, lower risk of product failure in C2S, and lower your development cost by using uncleared development, we will also accelerate the migration of workloads to SC2S by getting functioning applications in production.

For ISVs: We will get a functioning product up and running in the C2S environment for you to sell, and can provide additional professional services once your product is there; we will then enable your uncleared product support resources to provide Tier 1(maybe Tier 2) assistance on the low-side.

For SaaS: We will get a functioning product up and running in the C2S environment for you to sell, and can provide additional professional services once your product is there; we will then enable your uncleared product support resources to provide Tier 1(maybe Tier 2) assistance on the low-side.

For System Integrators: We will assist you execute a contract where the bid model was build low, ship high. In addition, we will provide a testing ground to prove new concepts to Government customer.

Technical FAQ Page

By using a VPC Peering Connection which connects your environment’s VPC to one of our SHIFT VPCs.  The peering connection has set restrictions on how you can peer with SHIFT based on account and CIDR block.

In order for SHIFT to work with your product and fully emulate the selected private region you will need to provide a Cross-Account Role that has the same accesses (example: IAM Policies) as the product you are testing against the SHIFT platform.  Alternatively, you can provide credentials in the form of an Access Key and Secret Key with those same policies applied.

If your system or product uses multiple sets of credentials or needs to access external AWS accounts you can provide additional credentials in the form of Access Keys and Secret Keys to your project in SHIFTSHIFT will check to see if your AWS API call is using one of the provided Access/Secret Keys first and if not, use the Cross-Account Role provided for the project

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