Introducing SHIFT
The only full-scale AWS air-gapped emulation and testing platform

product features

Built by engineers who work in air-gapped, private regions and who understand the constraints of deploying systems within these regions, SHIFT is the only full scale AWS air-gapped emulation and testing platform on the market

Integration & Emulation Testing

Feature Highlights

• Test for accurate signing of API calls and region-specific attributes in API calls
• Allows workloads/AMIs to be securely launched in customer's AWS account
• Provide custom AWS endpoints signed by custom CA
•Provide custom, region-specific API responses
•Provide accurate error response when attempting unavailable services

Development Platform

Build low, SHIFT high

Provides integration into your development platform to build in commercial AWS environment while emulating the attributes of the private region in which your code will be deployed.

Allows you to work within your own AWS environments and emulate your targeted air-gapped region.

Error & Issue Remediation

Actionable Error Reporting

Receive descriptive error responses and recommendations for remediation per service used

Environment Types

SHIFT offers a variety of environment types and regions to emulate. You will be able to select the region type you’d like to emulate and the environment type depending on your needs and where you are in your journey to your targeted air-gapped region.


This environment is designed to allow users to run commercially configured products/systems through SHIFT without the need to configure for an isolated-region. Users will see the feedback on any requests or API calls which would need to be updated to work in the targeted isolated-region. This allows users to determine the amount of effort/rework needed to configure their system for their targeted isolated-region.


This environment allows internet connections and enables calls to yum repos, git, dependencies (i.e., pip, maven, etc.), while still restricting AWS API calls to the target emulated isolated-region. Users launch dev environments in their VPC associated with SHIFT via an EC2 instance, Cloud9, Workspace, etc. Developers can combine the best of both worlds by using their favorite commercial development tools, IDEs, etc. while operating in an isolated-region environment through the platform.


This environment is designed to completely emulate the target isolated-region environment - restricting requests that would not succeed in the target isolated-region - including internet and AWS API calls. Systems in a Strict environment will not be able to make calls to commercial AWS endpoints, reach the internet, or download packages through package managers such as yum. Once a system can operating without issue in this environment they can ship their product "as-is" to the target isolated-region - helping solve the “final mile” problem.

Who should use SHIFT


Launch your product in air-gapped regions or the IC Marketplace and have it work as designed

SaaS Providers

Configure your product to thrive in private regions and provide SaaS services to entire air-gapped customer-base


Save time and increase speed to mission by allowing low-side development for workloads ultimately destined for air-gapped regions 

System Integrators

Develop systems in commercial, unclassified environments and SHIFT them high-side; confirm low-side development works as designed prior to delivering to Government customers in air-gapped regions.

Partner Testimonial

SHIFT Benefits

Reduce Development & Operating Costs

  • Build low, SHIFT high
  • Develop and troubleshoot with uncleared resources/existing workforce
  • Reduce development and testing cycles

Position for the Future

  • Prepare for JEDI!
    • Start training staff to be ready to “cloud” in air-gapped AWS regions
  • Leverage resources in the clearance pipeline
  • Align organization with customer vision and direction

Improve Time-to-Market and Revenue Stream

  • SHIFT fully functioning products to private, air-gapped regions
  • Deploy once
  • Reduce time spent triaging issues

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Eliminate risk of deployment failure
  • Reduce time between feature updates
  • Maintain low-side replica copies of applications running in air-gapped regions for technical support purposes

How shift is different




Restricts to available AWS services within air-gapped region

Restrict internet requests

Provide AWS credentials through federated authentication service using PKI certificates

Provide custom AWS endpoints signed by a custom certificate authority

Provide custom, region-specific AWS API responses

Provide accurate error response when attempting unavailable services

Test for custom, region-specific attributes in AWS API calls

Test for accurate signing AWS API calls by custom region

Allows workloads/AMIs to be securely launched in customer’s AWS account


Monthly or Annual

SHIFT subscriptions are available in a variety of options to support your need; we have Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise level tiers. The platform also comes with customizable user quantities, with just a single user license or user packs of (5) based on the scope of your work.

There is no annual commitment required, and we can provide pricing on a per-month basis.

  • Unlimited Testing Access 24/7
  • Knowledge Base

Custom support/consulting packages are available upon request.

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