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SHIFT Enhancement Announcements

The SHIFT team was busy over the summer, but we are pleased to announce 3 new major features on the SHIFT platform.

  1. SHIFT diagnostic environment: the newly released SHIFT diagnostic environment will allow customers who are looking to get into a specific air-gapped region to understand the amount of refactoring that may be needed for their app/product/system to work in that air-gapped region so they can do their ROI and business value calculations before they get down the rabbit hole. This environment will allow you to configure for your selected air-gapped region and launch your system as is in it without issue. In this environment, it will provide error reporting for items that will need to be remedied in order to work as designed in your selected air-gapped region.  
  2. SHIFT SC2S region supported:  SHIFT emulation of SC2S is available to coincide with the opening of that region for specific users. This will allow SHIFT users to test their AMI/system against another up and coming region that their customers will most likely want to expand into.
  3. SHIFT development capability:  Develop directly in an AWS environment that emulates the air-gapped region where your system will be launched. Access to the internet is enabled to support development for key tools like your code repos (ex. git), dependency managers such as maven or pip, etc.  AWS API calls are still restricted to your target region along with real-time error reporting/triaging. This provides developers low-level debugging capabilities in real time as they step through their code line by line while in SHIFT. This functionality can also be used to train new developers/engineers who will be starting to work in/supporting this space.

SHIFT also got a facelift! We’ve made it easier to:

  • Manage your projects in one place. Key resources are available with a click of a button from this dashboard, allowing you to easily see what is happening in your projects. You can drill down into the analytics of your system/app in your emulated air-gapped region to see real-time outputs. And, you can also easily manage your project details and see a summary of the activity in each of your projects from the main dashboard (Figure 1).
  •  See the analytics of your app/system in your emulated region and the types of calls and  AWS services used that may need to be revisited prior to deployment in your target air-gapped region. You can filter for specific time periods for the summary as well as being able to drill into specific areas of use from the summary dashboard for more details (Figure 2).

Figure 1:  Project Summary Page



Figure 2:  Project Analytics Quick View


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