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SHIFT Custom Configurations

The latest update of SHIFT includes one of the most significant features released to date, Custom Configurations, that allows for the creation of custom emulation environments. With this release, custom regions are offered in addition to choosing the already offered C2S, SC2S, and GovCloud emulated regions. See below for details.

SHIFT is focused on helping its users deploy high side with confidence; to do so, it’s important to forecast services that will be released in region so that users can test against these services. These custom regions allow users to do just that – ultimately reducing the lag time that exists when a new service is released, and you need to reconfigure your workload. With this feature, users can turn services (and features within services) on and off per their specific needs. It also allows users to quickly test the ‘what if’ but then go right back to your baseline emulated region (C2S, SC2S, GovCloud.) Lastly, users can do this on a per-project basis, so your experience is truly custom to you.

  • Why is this important? Custom regions mean that you can use SHIFT to explore the potential of services and features within a region that are not yet available or even test a new customer region that doesn’t yet exist, opening up the possibilities of work in a new environment.
  • How does it help? It also allows users to quickly test the ‘what if’ of a region that contains not yet in-region services, but then go right back to your baseline emulated region (C2S, SC2S, GovCloud) for more strict emulation.

The anticipation of new features, services, and regions has long been a priority for SHIFT customers. With this update, SHIFT will help its users test and run hypothetical situations in region and customize their emulation regions to their specific use-cases.

For more information, please reach out to to see how this new capability can benefit you and your team!

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