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Re:Invent 2018 – It Starts

It’s that time of year again, no, not Thanksgiving or Black Friday but the most crucial time of the year – AWS re:Invent! As in previous years, DAE is has brought a large contingent of our people and are excited to network and learn. We’ll be blogging and tweeting during the event so keep an eye out for our content. So let’s get started. I like to try to be Ms. Cleo and predict the future, so here we go – I’m going to call it early, I predict this year’s re:Invent will have a significant focus on ML/AI being infused into AWS services, signaling AWS introduction of ML into its core services. Today is the first official day, but already in the last couple of days, a few pieces of new functionality have dropped. • Predictive Auto Scaling for EC2CloudFormation Drift DetectionAWS RoboMaker (new service offering announced) Predictive Auto Scaling for EC2 now learns based on previous usage and anticipate your auto scaling needs. This is an awesome and effective way of utilizing ML where it makes sense. CloudFormation drift detection is an often sought feature that previously you had to use third-party apps like Terraform to get. But now with it built into CFN it signals AWS’ intention to enhance CFN capabilities to go toe to toe with third-party offerings. RoboMaker is a classic example of AWS anticipating needs and exploring problem spaces others have not ventured into. Though we don’t work with robot tech much, we can see high school and college robotic courses integrating this in as part of their learning programs. More to come from DAE at re:Invent 2018 Cheers ~Gabe

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