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How is SHIFT different?

We’ve been asked what differentiates SHIFT in the market and our answer is simple:  there is nothing quite like it available today.

SHIFT is the only platform that enables users to create and run software, execute code that is actually configured for air-gapped regions, and receive region-specific responses to calls.  Additionally, SHIFT allows users to work within their own AWS account but develop or test against any air-gapped region’s specifications.  This allows users to maintain complete control over their software and intellectual property.

From a technical perspective, you, as a SHIFT user, can run an AWS command that has the endpoint and region name configured for an air-gapped environment, have it work, and have region-specific results returned to you (e.g., region-specific ARNs). SHIFT’s technical approach, which has a patent pending, is deeply rooted in how the AWS cloud fundamentally operates. This approach enables users to see how their actual product or system would perform as if it was just installed in the air-gapped region.

What does all of this mean? That you can complete ALL your configurations in commercial regions and shift working versions of your application to air-gapped regions, and have it work out of the box.  You can write code in SHIFT that will execute exactly the same as if it were running in the air-gapped region.  The AWS API responses are exactly the same as they would be if called in the air-gapped region.

So, back to the question that started this post, what’s different about SHIFTSHIFT is the only emulation and testing platform on the market that fully emulates air-gapped regions. Our differentiated approach has allowed us to test for technical “gotchas” and even more importantly, SHIFT will provide clear remediation steps that can be used to configure products to work as designed in these air-gapped regions.

The table below highlights the differences between SHIFT and other emulation platforms on the market:

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