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We provide AWS services to the Federal Government.

Federal Government

Digital Age Experts supports our Federal Government customer’s incredibly important Missions.  DAE provides a wide range of systems engineering, cloud architecture and design, cloud-native development, and cloud consulting, rapid prototyping, cloud cost management and optimization products and services.  Our Experts take pride in utilizing leading edge technology to solve the Nation’s most pressing intelligence and national security challenges.


This update of SHIFT improves the level of control you have over your emulation environment. Previously, SHIFT provided three modes of emulation: Strict, Diagnostic, and Development – which were

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WASHINGTON, Feb. 12, 2020 — Applied Insight, a market leader in solving complex technology challenges for federal government customers, backed by The Acacia Group, announced

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The latest update of SHIFT includes one of the most significant features released to date, Custom Configurations, that allows for the creation of custom emulation

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AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) has just hit general availability, and it’s trying to dethrone terraform. CDK is AWS’ response to the limitation and criticism

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Sometimes it is nice to highlight the quality of life updates that AWS adds. EC2 Instance Connect is one of those necessities. Long have we

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It happens often, you’re working with a client and they are excited for a delivery of a new app or feature and are asking THE

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