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We provide AWS services to the Federal Government.

Federal Government

Digital Age Experts supports our Federal Government customer’s incredibly important Missions.  DAE provides a wide range of systems engineering, cloud architecture and design, cloud-native development, and cloud consulting, rapid prototyping, cloud cost management and optimization products and services.  Our Experts take pride in utilizing leading edge technology to solve the Nation’s most pressing intelligence and national security challenges.


With the ever-growing stream of data coming from your workloads no wonder sending data into CloudWatch makes sense. But as you send more and more

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As CloudFormation releases more and more functionality to try to counteract the competition one feature caught our attention here at DAE – CloudFormation (CFN) Macros.

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The latest update of SHIFT is a big one that includes new highly anticipated services and functionality, a brand new validation check for valid IAM

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When it comes to AWS and account permissions, there is an uneasy moment when you and your organization attempt to give you all the accesses

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When we stop treating servers as pets and more like cattle it becomes the essence of DevOps. Transitioning to a mindset where all servers and

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Now that we have mostly recovered from the awesomeness of re:invent, Christmas, and New Year’s. Time to get back to the world of all things

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