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DAE Announcement of Beta Product, SHIFT

Herndon, VA  It is not uncommon for ISVs, SaaS providers, and System Integrators to encounter challenges deploying their products/code into AWS air-gapped regions due to the numerous unique nuances of private or air-gapped regions that cause commercial products or resources built in AWS to fail out of the box. 

Digital Age Experts, LLC (DAE) is pleased to announce the beta release of its flagship product, SHIFT (patent pending), a full-scale AWS air-gapped emulation and testing platform. SHIFT was built by engineers who work within AWS air-gapped regions and have seen the configuration and integration challenges faced by ISVs, SaaS providers, and System Integrators when trying to deploy products/software into these regions. SHIFT solves these challenges with its emulation platform, which enables users to test their custom-configured product destined for an AWS air-gapped region.

SHIFT emulates all aspects of an air-gapped region by providing the same endpoints found in these regions, signed by custom Certificate Authorities (CAs), and will test for and respond with the unique attributes of the regions such as ARNs, Availability Zones, Regions, etc.  Additionally, SHIFT can ensure systems are not using actions and parameters not enabled in these air-gapped regions. SHIFT provides clear error and remediation messages regarding where failures occur for fast triaging and is the only full-scale AWS air-gapped emulation and testing platform on the market to date. 


Bob Pease is the Director of Development for CloudCheckr, a leading cloud management platform, and current SHIFT beta user. “Within a matter of hours, DAE was able to solve some long-standing issues with our ICMP product and they helped get our product operational in C2S.” Bob continues, “DAE is actively working with CloudCheckr to enhance our solution for future customer installs. We have been thoroughly impressed with their skill set and we’re very excited to be working with them on this growing area for public sector organizations.


During June 2018, beta participants can try SHIFT for free. Early access pricing will begin in July 2018, with monthly and annual subscriptions available.

For more information, download the SHIFT slick sheet or contact


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